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Dr. Johnston is amazing! I have been to orthopedic back specialist & neurologist for headaches from a herniated disk in my neck, neck pain with numbness & tingling, and sciatica with pain & numbness going down both legs to my feet. I was on high levels of ibuprophen daily only took the edge off the pain enough for me to work - usually, & vicoden at night. I was to the point that it was very difficult to work, or doing anything else at home.

I was going to have Nerve block injections & looking for disk replacement surgery!! DR. JOHNSTON HAS SAVED ME FROM INJECTIONS & SURGERY, at least has prolonged surgery for quite a while. I am off the vicoden, & am not taking as much ibuprophen. I have been able to do more of the everyday things I could not do before!! If you want a NEW LIFE go to Dr. Johnston whether its headaches, allergies, shoulder, knee, or back he can fix it & if he can't he will tell you. He won't just take your money, He is very honest, & up to date on the latest technology!

- Rebecca R.

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