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I work in auto insurance accident claims, so I was pretty skeptical about going to a chiro when I hurt my neck. Desert Springs was the first chiro I have ever been to. The only reason I went, was because it was close to my work and didn't seem to be like "Emergency Chiropractic." I'm glad I chose Desert Springs, because the doctors genuinely care about their patients and have a personal connection with each and everyone of them. They explain their processes and treatment procedures every step of the way and answer as many questions as a patient could think of. I made a great choice when I decided to seek treatment at Desert Springs Chiro! Thanks!!

- Maya J.

I came to Desert Springs Chiropractic Center after having a flare up of neck pain. Dr. Arthur was very thorough in the exam and planning my treatment. He is most compassionate and caring and enjoys my endless questions. The room may be full of people but to him you are the only person in there. The entire staff is congenial and professional from Mona who greets each one coming in with a cheery hello and friendly smile to Chari who kindly and competently leads you in the physical medicine routines. I came back to Chiropractic for an urgent need but I now believe it is best when used as a preventive measure to keep the spine aligned and the whole body healthy. Thank you Drs. Johnston and Kohl for taking the time to educate your patients.

- Sharon S.

I am a very active adult who loves Crossfit and runs a personal fitness trainer business. I have had my share of aches and pains, but none more aggravating than my constant lower back and neck pain. It actually kept me up at night for months. I had grown tired of those in the health care field who told me to discontinue certain activities to curb the pain. Desert Springs Chiropractic actually embraced the fact I love what I do and and they have done everything possible to improve my health so I can continue to do the activities I enjoy, and that is aggressive workouts! Desert Springs Chiropractic is the only chiropractic business that has produced the results I expect.....bottom line...I feel great!

- Dan P.

I have been going to Desert Springs Chiropractic for 10 plus years. Dr. Casey Johnston and Dr. Dane Kohl are extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to really listen to their patients concerns. Over the years they have successfully treated not just my low back pain but also plantar fasciitis, neck pain and sinus and ear infections in my children. The staff are very friendly and it's obvious how much everyone there really cares. I completely trust their expertise and would highly recommend them.

- Lisa H.

Dr. Johnston is amazing! I have been to orthopedic back specialist & neurologist for headaches from a herniated disk in my neck, neck pain with numbness & tingling, and sciatica with pain & numbness going down both legs to my feet. I was on high levels of ibuprophen daily only took the edge off the pain enough for me to work - usually, & vicoden at night. I was to the point that it was very difficult to work, or doing anything else at home.

I was going to have Nerve block injections & looking for disk replacement surgery!! DR. JOHNSTON HAS SAVED ME FROM INJECTIONS & SURGERY, at least has prolonged surgery for quite a while. I am off the vicoden, & am not taking as much ibuprophen. I have been able to do more of the everyday things I could not do before!! If you want a NEW LIFE go to Dr. Johnston whether its headaches, allergies, shoulder, knee, or back he can fix it & if he can't he will tell you. He won't just take your money, He is very honest, & up to date on the latest technology!

- Rebecca R.

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