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Lower Back Pain Testimonial

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My back is very important to me working in healthcare and I've ignored it for a long time, Yelp suggested Dr. Johnston's service and I have really felt better than i have in 12 years. Going from being hardly able to let even my husband touch my lower back (the agony of even a light touch was enormous) to feeling fresh and vibrant whenever I move has been an amazing blessing. I'm not done with my treatments yet, but the progress I have experienced in two months has truly been remarkable.

- Anonymous

I've been seeing Dr. Casey Johnston and his staff since the Fall 2012 and I am very pleased with results so far. When I first started I had severe pain in my lower back and numbing in my leg. I was struggling with day to day functions, now after 6 months of treatment I am mostly pain free and I feel like I am returning to normal.

The staff has been very professional and I appreciate their knowledge and that they explain what they are doing so I understand how it is affecting my body and why I need to do it.

- Erik G.

I am a very active adult who loves Crossfit and runs a personal fitness trainer business. I have had my share of aches and pains, but none more aggravating than my constant lower back and neck pain. It actually kept me up at night for months. I had grown tired of those in the health care field who told me to discontinue certain activities to curb the pain. Desert Springs Chiropractic actually embraced the fact I love what I do and and they have done everything possible to improve my health so I can continue to do the activities I enjoy, and that is aggressive workouts! Desert Springs Chiropractic is the only chiropractic business that has produced the results I expect.....bottom line...I feel great!

- Gilbert

I have been going to Desert Springs Chiropractic for 10 plus years. Dr. Casey Johnston and Dr. Dane Kohl are extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to really listen to their patients concerns. Over the years they have successfully treated not just my low back pain but also plantar fasciitis, neck pain and sinus and ear infections in my children. The staff are very friendly and it's obvious how much everyone there really cares. I completely trust their expertise and would highly recommend them.

- Lisa H.

We have been going to Desert Spring Chiropractic Center for a few years. Dr. Casey and his office are so friendly and so professional. They are always fast and really take time to listen to each patient. We are so thankful because he has helped my family so much. He helped me during pregnancy for back pains which I am so thankful for. My husband had planter fasciitis that was really interfering with our daily routine and after seeing Dr. Casey two times my husband is back to normal. He is currently treating my two year old daughter for ear infections. She gets sick so much after getting RSV at 2 months old and every time she got sick it usually came with an ear infection. Last time she was sick was the first time she did not get one. Her over all health even appetite got better. Really recommend Desert Spring Chiropractic Center!

- Ruthie A.

If you are even considering chiropractic care, you should definitely get an exam to see if you're a candidate and get your questions answered. It is worth it to avoid drugs and surgery!!! I initially received treatment for my lower back pain and frequent headaches. I had endured several injuries and manipulations to my spine throughout my life that went untreated (falls, carrying heavy objects for extended periods of time, etc), so I was in bad shape and felt much older than I actually was. With only a few months of therapy and adjustments, my lower back pain and headaches reduced drastically! I still get adjustments on an "as needed" basis, which keeps my quality of life at it's best! Chiropractic care has also helped me recover after pregnancy and the affects on my spine. Dr. Johnston is so careful when he adjusts my baby girl - I have no worries, and she's never been ill because of it! Both Dr. Johnston and Dr. Arthur are so friendly and professional, and the entire staff are always so welcoming and caring. They do not treat you like a number; they actually make an effort to get to know you.

- Joanna W.

I began seeing Dr. Casey Johnston about a month ago for some back problems that have been giving me trouble for over a decade. Because of a surgery that occured 13 years ago, many of the muscles that support my left shoulder have atrophied away and I now live in constant pain. I figured there was nothing I could do about it until I sat down with Dr. Casey.

He patiently explained that the pain I was experiencing did not have to be something I'd live with the rest of my life. I'm now on a rehabilitation program at Deserrt Springs Chiropractic Center and rebuilding and strengthening my shoulder and back muscles. The strategy was explained to me very clearly and I'm confident I'm on the path to living pain free. It's only been 3 weeks and I can already tell the difference in my posture and decreased pain levels.

Besides the excellent care, the staff at the office are always so friendly and welcoming. It's a pleasure to go to my chiropractor!

- Ken S.

Where do I begin? The Desert Springs Chiropractic Center has been a God send to me!

I, as a pastor am not only concerned about the 'spiritual man' but the 'physical man' as well, for God told us that our bodies are the Temple of His spirit and believe it or not we only get a chance at this body once, so we need to know how to care for it!

I believe in 'natural healing' by means of what we eat, natural supplements, and the likes so chiropractic goes well with this frame of care! My meeting Dr Casey Johnston was not a mistake! He was placed in my path at a time when I needed his care and for this I am grateful to God!

The staff, from the front door to the back, are the most outstanding individuals I have ever met under one roof of a 'working environment', and I commend each of them for doing their jobs well but especially for treating every individual who comes in with loving care and compassion!

If you are looking for a chiropractor, may I recommend Dr Johnston and Dr Kohl at DSCC. They will be honest, professional, and complete in their care of you.

Thank You, Dr Casey Johnston and staff for ALL you have done for me and in making my experience one that I am willing to share with others!

- Anonymous

After insurance denied back surgery, I was referred to Desert Springs Chiropractic Center by a co-worker. Extreme lower back pain and partial loss of feeling in my right leg had severely impaired my personal and professional life; DSCC was my last hope. After a thorough examination including x-rays, the doctors established a plan to set me on the road to recovery. Within a very short time I was experiencing success and able to return to normal activities. Since then, I have completed 2 half-marathons and 2 triathlons. I continue to receive chiropractic care as maintenance and, based on the knowledge the staff has given me, would prefer to make an appointment with them for any ailments before my general practitioner. My belief in chiropractic care has done a 180 degree switch, and I feel I owe so much to the knowledgeable, caring staff at DSCC.

- Ronald G.

My name is Chris Amaro and I have been a patient at Desert Springs Chiropractic since 2003. Dr. Johnston has helped me heal from all the injuries I have had from doing Young Life ministry with High School kids, playing basketball, and from the college years when I took up skateboarding. When I started coming to DSCC I was unable to bend down and touch my toes in a smooth motion and had a lot of pain in my lower back, and my wrists. Now six years later I feel younger and healthier then ever and I can still hang with the High School kids at sports. Dr. Johnston has helped me with my jaw, ankles, knees, wrists, thumbs, and shoulders at various times. Because of my treatment at DSCC I am able to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Dr. Johnston has also been treating my wife Ruthie, and my daughter Olivia as well. He has helped Ruthie greatly throughout the pregnancy and helped her deal with the pain and stress that having a baby has on the body. My daughter Olivia has been receiving treatment as well since she was an infant and she has never been sick in the first 2 years of her life except for a couple minor colds. I highly recommend Dr. Johnston and the DSCC staff to anyone seeking to feel better or even prevent injuries.

- Chris A.

Dr. Dominic Pisaro Rocks!

He was helping a friend of mine and she told me he is the only Chiropractor to see so I did. He took care of my Low Back Pain that I've had for years way better than any "normal doc" I've been to. Trust me, go see this guy and he'll help you out.

- Nick A.

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