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"Don't let pain or injuries steal the joys of life."

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Desert Springs Chiropractic Center


Conveniently located in Mesa AZ, our chiropractic center offers natural relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders, sports and auto accident injuries. We help newborns, infants, teenagers, adults and seniors. Please explore our website so you can fully understand what makes the experience and results of Desert Springs Chiropractic Center unique from any other chiropractic centers. When you’re ready, call our chiropractic center and find out for yourself  what other members of the community already have.

Desert Springs Chiropractic Center welcomes anyone having a variety of pains and issues such as car accident injuries, neck or back pain, headache, migraine, and many more. Patients come and receive comprehensive consultations that include thorough spinal examination before starting care.

We will recommend a care plan that is specific to each individual. We provide the needed time and attention to each of our patients. Desert Springs Chiropractic Center values the importance of educating its patients about chiropractic care to support the healing process.


Simply stated the reason for our success is helping people like you.





Let Dr. Johnston and Dr. Kohl design a detoxification program that is individual to your specific needs. Jump start your healing potential and increase your energy levels today.



Spinal Decompression

An extremely effective procedure in the treatment of spinal disc herniations and bulges, Cox Distraction/Decompression slowly and gently removes pressure from an injured disc and reduces the damage and pain on the spinal nerves without any abrupt twisting or turning of the patient and is effective for treating both neck and lower back complaints and injuries. And its covered my most insurances, including Medicare.



Speaking Engagements

Desert Springs Chiropractic Center believes in sharing information and resources with our community. We have delivered our health lectures to local colleges, workplaces, community groups, and women and mothers groups. For more information, or to schedule a health lecture, contact our office at (480) 207-3344



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