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Written Testimonials Mesa Alex E. Gilbert, AZ

I have been seeing Dr. Johnston and Dr. Arthur for about three months recently after an unfortunate incident with a piano (turns out, lifting one by yourself isn t a great idea). The program Dr. J put me on has me feeling and functioning better already, even though I m fairly early into my treatments. It s even reduced my headaches almost to nothing, even though that s not my primary reason for being there!

Both Dr. Johnston and Kohl are very knowledgeable and professional but are never above taking interest in my life, always very friendly even if they are busy. I have referred many of my friends to DSCC and will continue to do so!

Written Testimonials Mesa Emily A., Mesa, AZ

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnston since December 2011 and I heard about DSCC by Dr. Johnston coming to my work for a free clinic. From there Dr. Johnston showed a caring attitude to help get me feeling back to my normal self and look into what was going on. So, I scheduled an appointment as soon as I could. I had major shoulder pain and upper back pain for several months, also frequent headaches. This pain was interfering my life and frustrating me because I could not find relief. After my exam and x-rays, Dr. Johnston knew what was causing these problems and what plan of action to take. He has created a treatment plan, given me the education as to what is going on, allowed me to ask questions freely, and what I can do to work with the plan to move forward. Dr. Johnston's chiropractic care has helped out tremendously. Within the first few visits I had major relief and could see how the treatment was working.With seeing Dr. Johnston over a month I've improved over 50%. I have learned several good stretches and exercises to help strengthen myself and to help with the progress of my treatment. Thanks to God who led me to you and for your specially designed treatment for me. Everyone at DSCC are very kind and welcoming people. I'm grateful to know you. I will be very happy to recommend Dr. Johnston and DSCC, if anyone asks me about Chiropractic care! My husband also now is seeing Dr. Johnston and has been given great care in helping with his neck problems and pain, along with his lower back. Dr. Johnston also gives wonderful classes to help you live a great and healthy life. Truly have been impressed by Desert Springs Chiropractic!

Written Testimonials Mesa Joanna W., Chandler, AZ

If you are even considering chiropractic care, you should definitely get an exam to see if you're a candidate and get your questions answered. It is worth it to avoid drugs and surgery!!! I initially received treatment for my lower back pain and frequent headaches. I had endured several injuries and manipulations to my spine throughout my life that went untreated (falls, carrying heavy objects for extended periods of time, etc), so I was in bad shape and felt much older than I actually was. With only a few months of therapy and adjustments, my lower back pain and headaches reduced drastically! I still get adjustments on an "as needed" basis, which keeps my quality of life at it's best! Chiropractic care has also helped me recover after pregnancy and the affects on my spine. Dr. Johnston is so careful when he adjusts my baby girl - I have no worries, and she's never been ill because of it! Both Dr. Johnston and Dr. Arthur are so friendly and professional, and the entire staff are always so welcoming and caring. They do not treat you like a number; they actually make an effort to get to know you.

Written Testimonials Mesa Rebecca R., Maricopa, AZ

Dr. Johnston is amazing! I have been to orthopedic back specialist & neurologist for headaches from a herniated disk in my neck, neck pain with numbness & tingling, and sciatica with pain & numbness going down both legs to my feet. I was on high levels of ibuprophen daily only took the edge off the pain enough for me to work - usually, & vicoden at night. I was to the point that it was very difficult to work, or doing anything else at home.

I was going to have Nerve block injections & looking for disk replacement surgery!! DR. JOHNSTON HAS SAVED ME FROM INJECTIONS & SURGERY, at least has prolonged surgery for quite a while. I am off the vicoden, & am not taking as much ibuprophen. I have been able to do more of the everyday things I could not do before!! If you want a NEW LIFE go to Dr. Johnston whether its headaches, allergies, shoulder, knee, or back he can fix it & if he can't he will tell you. He won't just take your money, He is very honest, & up to date on the latest technology!